Heavy Duty Coolant


EXTEND coolant is engineered for the long haul. Offering a long service life, EXTEND is based exclusively on organic additive technology (OAT) making it suitable for all light duty, heavy duty and diesel engines.


Extreme is an OEM approved* formulation.

This coolant provides protection in the most extreme conditions. It’s specifically designed for hard-working, off-road vehicles.


Endurance is an OEM approved* formulation.

Ideal for newer cooling systems in any on and off-road application, Endurance offers the longest service life possible!


PREMIUM coolant is the best of both worlds – it contains a precise mixture of traditional and organic corrosion inhibitors. This hybrid technology provides long life, exceptional performance and unmatched compatibility.


CLASSIC is traditional, universal coolant designed for older vehicles.

Methyl Hydrate

HD EXPERT™ Methyl Hydrate promote optimal defrosting of air line hoses in heavy duty vehicles.