Precision Formula™


EXTRA coolant is perfect for fleets with vehicles of different makes and models. The formula can be used in both foreign and domestic, light duty and heavy duty diesel applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Recommended for use in all light duty and heavy duty vehicles
  • Specially blended organic acid technology (OAT) corrosion inhibitor package
  • Free of the additives nitrite, 2-EHA, amine and phosphate
  • Protects all metals against rust and corrosion
  • Protects against wet sleeve liner cavitation pitting
  • Lasts up to 250,000 km/150,000 miles or 5 years in light-duty applications
  • Lasts up to 960,000 km/600,000 miles, 12,000 hours or 6 years in heavy-duty applications

EXTRA coolant contains unique OAT corrosion inhibitors grouped into a package called ProShield. These additives give the coolant an extended service life and provide advanced engine protection. EXTRA coolant is designed for use in all makes and models.

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Contains Proshield
  • Never requires Supplemental Coolant Additive
  • Non-toxic | Biodegradable
Extreme temperatures
Aluminum engines
Wet Sleeve liner cavitation



Low Silicate | Phosphate Free | Fully Formulated

Performance Specs

Meets or exceeds performance requirements:

  • ASTM D3306, D4985, D6210
  • AS/NZS 2108.2004 Type A
  • Caterpillar (other than EC-1)
  • Cummins 3666132
  • DDC 2987SE, 93K217
  • GB 29743-2013
  • GM 1825M, 1899M
  • TMC RP329B
Recommended For Use With
  • Ford ESE-M97B44-A, ESE-M97B44-C
  • GM Heavy Truck, International Truck and Engine CEMS B-1
  • Kenworth RO26-170-97
  • Mack 014GS17004
  • New Holland WSN-M97B18-D
  • Peterbilt 8502.002
  • Volvo Heavy Truck
  • US Fed A-A870-A
Recommended Change Interval


Specification / Performance Level
Meets or Exceeds Performance Requirements Of: ASTM D3306, D4985, D6210, D7583 AS/NZS 2108.2004 Type A BRP (Bombardier Recreational Vehicles)
Caterpillar (not EC-1) Cummins 3666132 DDC 7SE 298, 93K217
Kubota Kobelco TMC RP329B, TMC RP338
Recommended and Suitable For Use With: Chrysler MS7170, MS9769 Cummins 14603 Ford ESE-M97B44A,
Freightliner 48-22880 GM 1825M, 1899M, 6277M, Heavy Truck JIS K2234
MAN 324 NF MB DBL 7700 MTU MTL 5048
Kenworth RO26-170-97 Mack 014GS17004, 014GS17009 PACCAR CS0185
DAF MAT 74002 Peterbilt 8502.002 Scania TB1451
Volvo Heavy Truck
Item No. Formulation Container Size Case Pack UPC SCC
16-314 Concentrate 3.78 L 4 0-56438-16314-5 400-56438-16314-3
16-324 50-50 Premixed 3.78 L 4 0-56438-16324-4 400-56438-16324-2
16-325 50-50 Premixed 9.46 L 2 0-56438-16325-1 500-56438-16325-6
Item No. Formulation Container Size Case Pack UPC SCC
86-324 50-50 Pre-diluted 1 gal 4 0-56438-86324-3 400-56438-86324-1
Item No. Formulation Container Size Case Pack UPC SCC
26-319 Concentrate 208 L / 55 gal NA 0-56438-90795-4 NA
26-329 50-50 Premixed 208 L / 55 gal NA 0-56438-90796-1 NA
26-319-1000 Concentrate 1000 L / 264 gal NA 0-56438-90797-8 NA
26-329-1000 50-50 Premixed 1000 L /264 gal NA 0-56438-90798-5 NA

Specialized Formulations for Heavy Duty Engines

Engine protection

HD Expert coolants have special additives for unparalleled engine protection.

Temperature control

Not too hot and not too cold – HD Expert coolants keep your engine at the right operating temperature.

Long service life

Avoid unnecessary service with HD Expert extended life coolants.

Introducing Proshield®

• Reduced need for coolant extender
• 2-EHA free organic additive technology

Extreme temperatures
Aluminum engines
Wet Sleeve liner cavitation