Heavy Duty Coolant

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

With its high purity, HD EXPERT™ DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is engineered to maximize your diesel-powered vehicle’s performance while reducing harmful NOx emissions from diesel engines.

Features & Benefits:

  • Improves fuel economy
  • Promotes cleaner combustion & exhaust
  • Includes fast, no-spilling filling spout in every carton
  • Meets ISO 22241 requirements
  • API certified
  • Reduces harmful NOx emissions
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Hazardous

Keep your diesel-powered equipment running while maximizing fuel efficiency both on and off road.

Suitable for heavy-duty vehicles equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, strong>HD EXPERT™ DEF meets ISO 22241 standard and is certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API), ensuring its purity and composition to avoid engine downtime.

Backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, if you’re unsatisfied with the performance of this product, we will refund you with proof of purchase from an authorized seller. See full details on the Guarantee here.

Reduce the harmful NOx emissions coming from your diesel-powered vehicle while maximizing fuel efficiency with HD EXPERT™ DEF.


DEF Warranty SDS Sheet


Low Silicate | Phosphate Free | Fully Formulated

Performance Specs

Meets or exceeds performance requirements:

  • ASTM D3306, D4985, D6210
  • AS/NZS 2108.2004 Type A
  • Caterpillar (other than EC-1)
  • Cummins 3666132
  • DDC 2987SE, 93K217
  • GB 29743-2013
  • GM 1825M, 1899M
  • TMC RP329B
Recommended and Suitable for Use With
  • Ford ESE-M97B44-A, ESE-M97B44-C
  • GM Heavy Truck
  • International Truck and Engine CEMS B-1
  • Mack 014GS17004
  • New Holland WSN-M97B18-D
  • Peterbilt 8502.002
  • Volvo Heavy Truck
  • US Fed A-A870-A
Recommended Change Interval


Item No. PART NUMBER Container Size UPC SCC
55-126HD NA 9.46 L 056438909804 10056438909801
Item No. PART NUMBER Container Size UPC SCC
55-126HDEXP 13066 2.5 gal 056438909811 10056438909818
Item No. PART NUMBER Container Size UPC SCC
55-129HD 13067 55 gal (drum) 056438910022 NA
55-126HD-330 13068 330 gal (tote) 056438910039 NA