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Nearly half of all engine breakdowns occur due to cooling system problems. Prevent engine failure and make sure your coolant is maximizing your fleet’s performance with a free testing kit from HD Expert.

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Your free HD Expert analysis includes detailed information on:

  • Contamination levels
  • pH levels
  • Corrosion inhibitor levels
  • Foaming properties
  • Freezing & boiling points

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You can use a refractometer to test a coolant’s freeze and boil protection and test strips to determine select corrosion inhibitor levels.

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Specialized Formulations for Heavy Duty Engines

Engine protection

HD Expert coolants have special additives for unparalleled engine protection.

Temperature control

Not too hot and not too cold – HD Expert coolants keep your engine at the right operating temperature.

Long service life

Avoid unnecessary service with HD Expert extended life coolants.

Introducing Proshield®

• Reduced need for coolant extender
• 2-EHA free organic additive technology

Extreme temperatures
Aluminum engines
Wet Sleeve liner cavitation