Heavy Duty Coolant


EXTEND coolant is engineered for the long haul. Offering a long service life, EXTEND is based exclusively on organic additive technology (OAT) making it suitable for all light duty, heavy duty and diesel engines.


Extreme is an OEM approved* formulation.

This coolant provides protection in the most extreme conditions. It’s specifically designed for hard-working, off-road vehicles.


Endurance is an OEM approved* formulation.

Ideal for newer cooling systems in any on and off-road application, Endurance offers the longest service life possible!


PREMIUM coolant is the best of both worlds – it contains a precise mixture of traditional and organic corrosion inhibitors. This hybrid technology provides long life, exceptional performance and unmatched compatibility.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner

HD EXPERT™ Diesel Fuel Conditioner helps promote optimal winter performance in heavy duty diesel engines. Our conditioner is formulated to prevent fuel from gelling at extreme low temperatures (down to -40ºC), which can cause filter clogging and vehicle downtime-related costs.