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An Introduction to OAT Coolant ( Read Less )

All modern coolants contain corrosion inhibitors designed to prevent engine damage. Traditional coolants use inorganic inhibitors that break down over time. This causes the coolant to become acidic. A solution to this problem is to use Organic Additive Technology (OAT) corrosion inhibitors, found in new Long Life coolant.

ProShield is HD Expert’s own proprietary OAT formulation.

Benefits of OAT coolant ( Read Less )

OAT coolant uses organic, carbon-based corrosion inhibitors. This provides several benefits:

  • Extended service life: In HD applications, OAT coolant can last up to 6 years or 960,000 km (600,000 miles). Not only does this limit vehicle downtime due to service, but it also saves money.
  • Superior protection: OAT coolants provide superior protection. This is especially true in late model engines built with a lot of aluminium and magnesium. The use of OAT inhibitors also prevents “gelling” associated with inorganic inhibitors.
  • Safer and cleaner: OAT inhibitors are known for their low toxicity, and for being biodegradable. This makes them more environmentally friendly and safer to use than inorganic inhibitors.

OAT coolant use in HD engines ( Read Less )

When OAT coolant was first introduced, it was often combined with an inorganic inhibitor called nitrite. This was done to protect heavy duty engines against a form of corrosion referred to as cavitation. There is now a standard in place – ASTM D7583. Any coolant that meets this standard is safe for use in heavy duty applications. This is an industry requirement that all quality coolants must meet.

When you fill your fleet with OAT coolant, you’ll usually find that it’s amber, orange or red in color. OAT coolant meets the basic requirements of Asian, European and many North American OEMs.

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